Are you ready to just not worry about your efforts on Pinterest any more, and give it over to someone that is crazy about Pinterest? – Yes that would be me! You can read all about who I am right here.

My goal is to help you with your Pinterest marketing so that you don’t have to worry about it any more.

There are several ways for me to do that:

Pinterest Audit

The goal with the Pinterest audit is a look into where you are right! Sometimes all you need is some outside eyes to make suggestions about your account. You will get a detailed audit of your account and suggestions for improvement from someone who has worked with many accounts and seen it all.

Pinterest Strategy

Creating a full Pinterest strategy is vital to the success you are going to see on Pinterest. From now on there will be no more random pinning, and no more throwing spagetti on the wall.

We will create a full strategy based on the numbers in your analytics. What actually works for you and your Pinterest audience.

It will be tailored to your needs and I will be ready to answers any and all questions you might have about Pinterest.

Pinterest Management

You want to not worry about the day to day ins and outs of Pinterest! You want someone to just want someone to take over? You’ve got it. Our Pinterest management agreements are individual and tailored to your needs. They can include:

  • Business account creation
  • Analysis and deep-dive
  • split testing
  • Pin strategy session
  • Pin creation
  • Manual pinning
  • Automation

Promoted Pins

Pinterest is a slow burn, but promoted pins is a way to shortcut though the noise and give your pins a head start.
When you first get started it can be hard to figure out where you should start with promoted pins. Let me help you out, and together we can create the perfect promoted pins campaign for your company.